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Alternity started in approximately 1999 as a work of fanfiction by a group of people (including Flourish, Tinderblast, and SlytherinDragon) and became a role-playing game in 2008. Since then, it has encompassed over 11,000 posts and countless comments, emails, chats, and an amazing amount of time and attention from and by its players.

While the game may have reached its conclusion, we are not exactly done! Don't go away because we have some fun and exciting extras planned for you. In the coming weeks, we'll unveil some additional "bonus content," host some AMAs from player- and character-perspective, talk about the process, and of course, celebrate the achievement that this story represents for all of us, and we hope, all of you.

Discussions, cast lists, special content, and other "extras" will continue over on the alt-fen community at Dreamwidth.org, who has been our generous host for six of our seven years of play:


Thank you for reading, responding, and being part of Alternity.
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29 August
Sally-Anne retrieves Justin and takes him to Hogwarts. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold begins to go into labor. Draco compares Justin's suffering to Harry's. Sirius cares for Hydra in the immediate aftermath of Justin's death. Bill finds an injured Rachel in her animagus form. Molly expresses her sympathy for Hydra. Ron plants coins charmed to keep the Protectorate security forces from giving a damn. He returns in the morning to hear the news. Bellatrix decides that the passage through the Penzance ward point is viable. Lana wants her mother. Susan tries to stay positive about her assignment relative to the risks the others face. Remus offers to arrange Justin's funeral. Ron plans tp proceed according to plan. Remus invites all who might wish to attend Justin's memorial service. Jason forwards Rachel additional intelligence. Remus intercepts his attempt and asks him to repeat the message. Ernie ponders whether to attend the funeral. Ginny desires to go. Rachel mourns Justin from the Hospital Wing. Luna assures Terry and Colin that Ginny will mind her during the full moon. Frank organizes the Penzance defense. Jason goes along with Albion MLE. Remus tears Sirius apart for the sentiments in his (outdated) goodbye letter. Bill composes a preemptive final thought for Charlie. Hermione suspects that Sirius has a suicide mission in mind. Bellatrix grows impatient to be away. Jason passes along the news that Bella is delayed. Frank readies his troops. Draco enlists Ron to come along and watch Remus's and Sirius's backs. Tonks asks Hydra to take care of Bea and Adam, should she fall. Susan leads the unit in Ron's stead. Bellatrix demands assistance when Rigel unexpectedly and inconveniently refuses to budge. Jeremy monitors the Dover ward stone. Lana tests a brand new dictation quill. Frank directs Albion's forces. Fred describes the effects that the ward fluctuations are having on the battlefield. Lavender reflects during a quiet moment in the Hospital Wing. Ron requests assistance from a Legilimens to help with Rigel. Rachel summons Jason to do it. Lana calls Rod to greet the new baby. Bill transports Terry and Colin to triage after they are injured. Draco looks for Hermione and Hydra. Ron announces that Bellatrix is dead (🎶"Ding, dong…."🎶). Cedric needs aid. Frank finishes the battle at Penzance and looks to London. Linus calculates models for the wards. Blaise gets drunk. Sally-Anne debriefs Madam Pomfrey on the state of the Order's casualties. Molly tells Ginny to keep Luna from her journal in the morning. Rachel informs the Order about their losses.

30 August
Charlie sympathizes with Tonks. Sally-Anne suggests getting good and properly drunk. Narcissa verifies whether the war is over. Luna learns of Colin's death. Fred reports that Terry wants to see the Longbottoms. Lucius proffers his congratulations to Draco. Sally-Anne opens discussion of what people will seek in the wider world once they have the opportunity. Evelyn attempts to apologize to Ginny. Hermione focuses Hydra, the baby, and settling Remus's and Sirius's affairs. Ginny talks with Hydra about Justin's mission to kill Ptolemy. Cedric writes to his parents about coming home. Hydra introduces Charlotte Amelia Finch-Fletchley to the Order. Padma sends Linus her condolences. Ron seeks an occupation to avoid restlessness. Tonks inherits Grimmauld Place from Sirius. Draco thanks Ron for accompanying him to Buckingham. Lavender conceives an idea to refurbish and reopen the Three Broomsticks. Fred urges Cedric to work with him, George, and Lee on their collective ventures. Dolohov arrives at his final destination. Sally-Anne loses no time in clarifying that she is not Dolohov's intended recipient. Susan wakes and proposes that they reconvene at the pub, again. Jeremy threatens his parents concerning what they owe his fiance. Lavender extends an olive branch to Linus. Ron renews his acquaintance with Arista Selwyn.

31 August
Luna checks on Terry. Rachel bids farewell to Sirius. Lucius congratulates Rachel on her victory, and her nuptials. Linus approves of the memorial plans for the families massacred by Barty Crouch. Professor Sinistra contemplates the school year about to start. Hydra pledges to devote her life to the service of Albion. Poppy secures Sally-Anne's place in advanced Healer training. Hermione arranges the finishing touches on the Manor for the party that evening. Susan wonders what's in store for Frank. Molly helps to transport patients to the party. Lavender reaches out to Pansy for help to restore the Three Broomsticks. Padma fears Lavender's message to Pansy spells a sea-change in their relationship. Jeremy fixes the abundance of catering at the Manor. Padma ditches Lana Sandoval for good. Ron makes sure that Ginny can get to the party. Draco toasts the gathering. Sally-Anne objects to the singing of the Protectorate Marching Song. Narcissa pays attention to Hydra. Sally-Anne discovers an empty room for her and Ron to use. Cedric maintains his friendship with Professor Sinistra. Frank entices Alice back to the party to watch the fireworks. Bill shares a private moment with Rachel. Susan memorializes the fallen with part of a song. Hermione wishes everyone a good night. Lana confesses her crimes against the state. Rodolphus attests to his confession under the power of Veritaserum. Seamus is grateful he was not forced to name his transgressions. Ron apologizes for missing Charlie's exit. Arista Selwyn posts in her very own journal.

She will start at Hogwarts tomorrow.


1 September, 2015

Codas, Postscripts, Epilogues and Sundry:

Jeremy Stretton
Horace Slughorn
Millicent Bulstrode
Walden Macnair
Dolores Umbridge
The Selwyn Family
The Greengrass Family
Lee Jordan
Megan's cat, Fang
Albus Dumbledore
Moaning Myrtle
Augustus Rookwood
Fred and George
Rachel Brodie
Antonin Dolohov
Aurora Sinistra
Eloise Midgen
Jason Montague
Barty Crouch, Jr.
Colin Creevey and Kingsley Shacklebolt
Severus Snape
The Corner Family
The Smith Family
Minerva McGonagall
Lana Sandoval
The Baddock Family
* * *
As always in Alternity, these recaps may contain spoilers. That is especially true this week! Also, note that this week's recap carries a warning for triggers including but not necessarily limited to discussion of rape and torture.

22 August
Rachel Brodie shuffles assignments for Albion MLE. Fred invites Pansy to a somewhat reduced Weasley family dinner. Rachel informs the Order leadership that Jason Montague's brother has mutilated, if not killed. Alice removes her family from the castle on learning that Jason and Seamus are coming. Frank achieves enough success to return to Albion.

23 August
Seamus looks for Jason. Ron discusses the castle's new residents with Hydra. Pansy concerns herself with Linus's wellbeing. Sally-Anne resumes the day shift. Seamus tries to connect with Padma. Padma insists that her brother attempt to plead her case in light of Seamus' amnesty. Sirius confers with Remus on ways to circumvent any unpleasant situations relative to Seamus and Jason being among the Order. Justin completes an assassination. He also lets Hydra know that he's returning.

24 August
Ron heads to New London. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold issues orders to clerk #4. Draco offers Malfoy Manor as a new Headquarters for the Order. Justin unnerves Lana.

25 August
Lana is speechless. Ron confronts Seamus. Jason searches for a permanent place to go. Lana jumps onto Jason's clues. Padma learns she is to be released. Ron requires Ptolemy's death. Lana brings her brother to heel. Rachel consults Pansy on Baddock's likely whereabouts. She also sics Justin on the target. Charlie fails to bend a dictating quill to his command. Rachel harasses Lana. Lana hosts Dolohov for supper. Susan catches Pansy up on her work with Muggle musicians. Rachel warns Honoria that Lana is seething over Rachel's messages.

26 August
Fred pressures Charlie about wanting to visit him with George. Jason proposes a solution to his and Seamus's housing. Justin follows the Baddocks' trail. He extends an ultimatum to Ptolemy's father. Ernie announces that non-school personnel will need to vacate before the new term. Lana desires access to the real Hogwarts roll book. Sirius receives Draco's news about Harry with more regret than relief. Sally-Anne thinks through future living arrangements, along with Pansy.

27 August
Dolohov dangles his clandestine activities before Justin. Terry checks on the twins. Ginny sorts out fact from fiction. Lana forges ahead with plans for a weekend festival. She also harangues her brother over the Harrods' window display. Ron returns to Hogwarts with information about New London. Ginny works through her memories with Ron's help. Lucius promises his old comrades safe haven if they can leave England. Remus agrees with Sirius about the pointlessness of risking the younger generation in the endgame. Lucius enlists Narcissa to pass a warning to Justin. Lana activates her brother's conditioning. She also coordinates her action with Dolohov. Justin expresses his disappointment in his interaction with Dolohov. He then goes after Ptolemy, offering Ron the chance to come. Penny Clearwater confirms Rachel's reports of the Baddocks' plan. Ron prepares the hospital wing to treat Justin when he arrives back. Sally-Anne relays messages while the Healers work on Justin. Sirius puts his foot down about the younger set. Ron tells Rachel that he's found Honoria dead in her room. Rodolphus queries Lana about her correspondence with Dolohov. Rachel benches Justin at Sirius's insistence.

28 August
Rachel also retreats to bed. Linus decides that he does want a memorial for his family. He also composes poems to express his state of mind. Sirius devises a plan to attack Buckingham directly. Hermione rises to the rank of Potions Mistress. Justin investigates incidents that may have been Dolohov's work. Dolohov provokes one more exchange between them. Hydra asks a question of Dolohov. Bellatrix makes plans to stage an organized evacuation. Ron drops out of contact while performing surveillance. Justin suspects that Dolohov has found a way to escape. Rachel takes his place and leaves him behind. Justin concludes that he must go after her. Dolohov bargains with Sally-Anne for healing in exchange for Justin. Sally-Anne conducts a quick spot-check to see if Dolohov is lying. Bellatrix gloats. Blaise seems to be enjoying his work. Madam Pomfrey enquires into Dolohov's message to Sally-Anne. Sirius sounds an alert and demands that the AWOL Order members check in.
* * *
15 August
Blaise acquires an occupation in the Protectorate MLE. Cedric deciphers Hephaestus Bobolis' message requesting asylum.

16 August
Linus grieves his family. Frank reports slight progress in Ireland.

17 August
Dolohov turns the tables on Justin. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold issues orders to a second clerk. Jason Montague invites Ptolemy, Karo, and Ginny to supper. Sinistra encrypts an insignificant message.

18 August
Hermione double-checks Draco's availability. Jason makes his move. He also tells his family to hide. Ptolemy Baddock discovers Jason's betrayal. Bellatrix notes Jason's unusual communications. Ptolemy signals his father. Justin leaves for New London. Frank holds steady.

19 August
Rachel informs the Weasleys that Ginny has been returned. Justin claims another victim. Molly assures Alice that she made the right call to get Ginny back. Jason argues with his father about his brother's choice. Lana orders clerk #3 to wait on her. Charlie writes to his family via friendly intercessors. Ron fills Charlie in on how Ginny is doing. Blaise arranges tea with Vaisey. Tonks waits for Charlie to want to see her.

20 August
Bill reminds the other Weasleys to give Charlie time to recover. Hydra offers to have tea with Tonks. Justin taunts Dolohov.

21 August
Lana demands a better strategy to counteract Justin's activity.
* * *
8 August
Frank arrives across the sea. Sinistra reports the success of the ward project. Frank provides more of an update on the situation in Ireland. Lavender questions Linus's resolve. Alice inquires after the safety of a delivery.

9 August
Ron continues to uncover Barty's victims. He posts an exhaustive list of them. Dolohov awakens and checks in. Linus puzzles over a returned owl. Sinistra notices Dolohov's new post. Dolohov recites his prayers for Barty. Lavender rejects Linus's plan to attend university. Poppy learns from a contact that Dolohov left St. Mungo's under distressing circumstances.

10 August
Rachel confirms that Dolohov is, in fact, still alive. Blaise receives a draft card to join a new security force for the Protectorate. Lana Sandoval arranges the refreshments for the reception. Ron goes to check on the Moons' holiday cottage at Linus' requiest. Evelyn proffers a message to Dolohov, through Ginny, regarding where Barty's body is. Linus hears back from Ron and it is not good news. Justin consults with Hydra on the manner of his pending contact with Dolohov. Draco relays word of the recruitment effort in New London. Sinistra informs the Order that the Moons were also victims of Barty's rampage. Luna offers Linus her condolences. Hydra shares Evelyn's action with the rest of the Order. Cedric conveys his sympathy to Linus. He also reminds his family to stay hidden. Lavender thanks Mrs Weasley for informing her of Linus's loss. She gives Linus her support. Ptolemy Baddock passes Evelyn's message on to Dolohov. Hermione desires toast. Pansy reassures Hermione that things are under control but waiting for her to resume her leadership. Molly vents her absolute frustration at the continued ties Order personnel have to Dolohov. Ernie asks Linus if there's anything he can do to help. Dolohov accuses Evelyn of baiting him to the scene of an ambush. Terry tries to comfort Evelyn.

11 August
Cedric supports Evelyn's choice. Dolohov breaks the news of Barty's death to Lucius and Narcissa. Ron wishes Ginny a happy birthday. Jason feels out Ptolemy's opinions on the security force and Lana at MLE's helm. Linus engages Evelyn in Arithmancy as therapy. Sirius checks on Hydra. Ernie enlists Rachel and Justin in informing Karoline Baddock about her family. Molly recalls the story of Ginny's birth. Luna abandons sketch attempts in favour of a simple birthday message. Alice lays down the law about contacting the enemy without authorization. Frank details the changing tides in Irelandl.

12 August
Rachel leaves word for Karoline Baddock overnight. Ptolemy blames the deaths on the Order - at least in what he tells Ginny. Ron wastes no time telling Rachel how it is being construed by the enemy. Rachel discusses these updates with the Order leaders. Linus wonders whether Padma has been told about the Moons. Jason probes into Draco's cover identity. Justin levies his first attempt to goad Dolohov. Draco seeks Rachel's advice on how to handle Jason. Rachel waves Jason off and offers him a deal. Blaise exhorts his mother to be kinder to his wife. Molly comforts Linus. Bellatrix demands profiles on several in her employ.

13 August
Dolohov fulfills an obligation to give Draco a message. Lavender finds out whether she can write to Padma. Linus conducts additional Arithmantic tests. Cedric brings a suspicious owl to the Order MLE's attention. Sally-Anne enquires about Justin's correspondence with Dolohov. Rachel requests to see the contents of Draco's message from Dolohov, too. Justin gets Evelyn's message from her. He then visits Hydra for more information about her fight with Barty.

14 August
Lana grows impatient while waiting for someone. Linus calculates more equations. He also acknowledges his gratitude to Hydra. Terry prompts Frank to give an update. Lana assigns Blaise to an aide's post. Frank complies with Terry's request.
* * *
* * *
1 August
Charlie writes to Ginny again. Luna tries a sketch of a kitten. Barty Crouch confirms yet another incursion for the evening. Sinistra leaves a final set of reminders before attempting to adjust the original wards around England. Dolohov brings his troops onto the field. Linus stands by for ward-related calculations. Rachel Brodie sends her forces to counter the Death Eater attack. Jeremy relays instructions from the ward team to Linus. Ron redirects his search. Rachel calls for reinforcements. Rookwood plans to kill the team working on the wards. Lana Sandoval-Lestrange accomplishes her assignment and seeks another. A Galleoneer directs medical assistance for the battle. Rookwood launches his suicide run.

2 August
Jeremy reports the disturbance at the ward site. The Galleon warns against using the triage point. Molly encounters the medical team on their way to regroup. Terry requests assistance to break free from a swarm. Hydra observes as an entire unit of Inferi drops. Barty loses track of Dolohov. Rodolphus wonders what just went wrong. Luna needs additional healing supplies. Bellatrix sounds a tactical retreat. Rachel orders a general pursuit. Jason Montague sees to Seamus before responding to the call. Ron looks for the Order's wounded. Barty attempts to conduct Dolohov's funerary ritual. Molly waits to hear about Charlie and Hermione. Sinistra completes the ward adjustment. She also prays for Dolohov and Barty. Rachel focuses on the danger Hermione and Charlie may be in. Lana wakes momentarily disoriented. She also arranges with her father and brother to strengthen the protections on their homes and loved ones. Linus notices that the Headmaster's Office is no longer locked. Lee Jordan maintains a list of the odd effects of the ward magic. Susan promises her brother that she will come home for a visit. Remus announces that Floo and Portkey service has been interrupted. Linus informs Cedric of Dolohov's death. Rachel dispatches Draco to St. Mungo's to look for Charlie and Hermione. Jeremy passes on a report about a severe splinching. Rachel determines that hers was the curse that killed Dolohov. Draco locates Hermione and asks advice about moving her. Ron composes a note for Charlie in case he can read it. Fred invites his and George's best friends to spend some time with them. Ron becomes aware of a radio report about a number of murders. Bill keeps Charlie in his thoughts. Lana finds the murder reports incredible. Cedric proposes a quiet memorial service for those who cared for Dolohov.

3 August
Jason advises his family to take utmost care in light of Barty's murderous spree. Draco supervises while an Order-sympathetic Healer helps move Hermione back into Order hands. Bellatrix reasons with Barty. Rachel discovers that her adoptive mother is one of the latest victims. Seamus regains consciousness. Jason tells Rachel that Barty is the one committing murder after murder. Ron assures Charlie that they're trying to get him home. Rachel explains the identity of the murderer to the Order. Sally-Anne checks on Ron. She also bids Dolohov goodbye. Bill thanks Alice and Remus for letting Rachel take a personal leave. Linus meditates on the ways one can be manipulated. Hydra asks to borrow Draco's broom and omnioculars.

4 August
Blaise castigates his mother over her fears. Ron contemplates the nuances of the WWN reports of Barty's murders. Bellatrix summons Lana to a meeting. Hydra contacts Barty to let him know she's on his trail. Ron investigates the murder scenes. He then passes his observations and findings along to Hydra. Lana credits Rodolphus's recommendations for her new post as head of MLE. Hydra pursues Barty with additional revelation from her perspective on his actions. She further elaborates in another message to him.

5 August
Ron shares the details of his communication with Charlie. Millicent Bulstrode asserts that she was right about Barty all along. Hydra taunts Barty again. Draco goes to Hogwarts to watch over Hermione. Jason reacts to the news that Lana is his new boss. Hydra obtains advice from Mr Macnair. Ron arrives at the Three Broomsticks to investigate the latest of Barty's murders. He also alerts the castle to a possible infiltration attempt by Barty. Rachel spreads the alarm. Hydra reveals to Barty that she can hear a person's dying thoughts. Linus fears for Lavender's safety. A Galleoneer worries about Barty gaining entry to the castle. Someone urges caution. Hydra recounts Dolohov's last moments and thoughts for Barty. Tonks does her best to stay calm. Evelyn spots a firefight in the forest. Draco hails Hydra (sorry, had to!). Hydra replies, weakly. Susan seeks instruction from Rachel. A Galleoneer inquires about events. Draco answers. Susan fetches Sally-Anne for healing assistance.

6 August
Sally-Anne refers Hydra's case to more experienced Healers. Bellatrix convenes an emergency Council meeting. Draco summarizes the steps he took in the aftermath of Hydra's duel. Molly hopes for Charlie to recover and return.

7 August
Ron reaches out to Ginny. Lana issues an order to capture Cedric Diggory. Rachel places Cedric in protective custody. Jason berates Seamus for offering his life too easily. Rachel discusses the Death Eaters' new plans with the Order's leadership. Linus opens a discussion with Lavender about future prospects. Sinistra follows-up on additional ward-related tasks. Linus assumes his observation position. Jeremy monitors progress. He also confers with Sinistra as the results come in. Linus describes the effects of the ward adjustment. Molly congratulates the team. Bellatrix cancels Christmas the Council's efforts to break the wards. Lana logs the environmental effects within the Protectorate territories. Tonks watches her son's reaction to the wards. Evelyn relates the situation at Stornoway. Terry addresses the effect on Luna.
* * *
25 July
Luna sketches Hermione.

26 July
Dolohov recovers a family heirloom. Luna feels discouraged by Ginny's lack of response. Ptolemy Baddock experiences no such trouble. Ron receives a reply from Ginny, as well.

27 July
Charlie bursts with pride over Adam's first display of magic.

28 July
Alice announces that the French have decided to accept Albion as a legitimate government, and will open magical trade beginning August 1. Poppy reports less clear progress, but some promise, at St. Mungo's.

29 July
Draco overhears patrons discussing Harry. Justin contemplates his progress toward his mission goal.

30 July
Fred sends good thoughts to the Longbottoms. Terry remembers Neville. Remus asks whether Sirius is available. Linus readies himself to assist Sinistra. Bill keeps trying to communicate with Ginny. Barty confers with Dolohov and Bellatrix on their progress. Rookwood confuses the dead and the living in his haste to be done with ward collaboration.

31 July
Hermione checks on Draco. Ron plans to go flying. Barty prepares the operation for the night. Rachel mobilizes her Auror units. Ron takes his leave of Sally-Anne. Dolohov moves troops. Charlie requests backup in certain sectors of the battlefield.
* * *
18 July
Ptolemy Baddock encourages the loyal to enjoy a New London street festival. Luna continues to sketch for Ginny. Aurora Sinistra updates the Order on the progress of various working groups. Lana Sandoval gathers a contingent of younger Death Eaters for drinks at the festival.

19 July
Draco invites assistance practicing his role as bartender. Molly makes strides forward in connecting awakened Sleepers with their families. Pansy enjoys a drink that Draco prepared.

20 July
Hydra describes a recent assignment to Justin.

21 July
Sally-Anne explains that she's working nights in the infirmary. Luna draws her father's hospital bed.

22 July
Ron leaves a note for Sally-Anne before heading to the field. Justin consults his fellow Aurors for ideas about how to reach his overly vigilant targets. Draco tells Hermione more about his new routine.

23 July
Sirius refines the anti-Polyjuice countermeasures for the castle. Barty Crouch work late on a private project.

24 July
Hydra reacts to another unrequested contact from Barty. Barty plans an evening of relaxation with Dolohov.
* * *
11 July
Sally-Anne questions Dolohov as to their plans for Ginny. Bill composes his message to Ginny. He then posts it. Sally-Anne sends her a message of encouragement. Rachel relays the information Sally-Anne found out. Hermione provides a rundown of the results of their first day of waking sleeping Muggles. Draco identifies the person he intends to replace as a polyjuiced undercover agent. Fred seeks assistance to develop a new secret lock that only Ginny and her friends and family can see. Rachel concludes from the available evidence that Ginny is being brainwashed using the Cruciatus. Remus wishes he could retreat to an animal form on his own impulse.

12 July
Charlie attempts to reach Ginny. Sally-Anne checks on Ron. Bill tightens the wards protecting the Burrow. Hermione worries about her complicated feelings for and about Draco.

13 July
Draco establishes contact with his proposed mark. Luna shares a drawing with Ginny.

14 July
Ptolemy Baddock inquires whether Ginny is nearly ready to make public statements. Fred assesses Albion's wireless story about Percy.

15 July
Hydra tackles the problem of extracting Rigel from Bellatrix's custody. Bill listens to Ginny's WWN interview. Rachel asks Jason Montague for information on Rigel's supervision. Luna updates Ginny on Adam's growth. Ptolemy congratulates Ginny on her interview performance.

16 July
Justin wonders if Draco's undercover mission could dovetail with his own assignment in New London.

17 July
Jason Montague perceives improvement in his legilimency. Ron maintains a line of communication with Ginny. He also grows quarrelsome with Sally-Anne.
* * *
4 July
No posts.

5 July
Ginny prepares to make home visits to targetted families who are likely to join Albion's efforts. Sirius asks Rachel Brodie if her double agent could warn them when the next false Phoenix attack is about to occur.

6 July
Ginny wonders whether how Luna fared over her second full moon. Ernie clerks for the new Headmistress. Ptolemy Baddock presses for a response to Crispin's assassination.

7 July
Rachel assigns Justin his next targets. Hermione updates the leadership on the first round of Sleeper revivification. Madam Pomfrey reports her progress with the Albion-loyal Healers.

8 July
Madam Pomfrey raises the alarm for a rescue at St Mungo's. Rachel warns Bill to keep Molly away from the journal traffic regarding Ginny. Hydra shares the information she retrieved from St Mungo's. Rachel involves Jason Montague. Ron joins Justin on his mission. Alice takes steps to protect the Order from Bellatrix's access to Ginny's journal. Frank learns of the incident. Bellatrix taunts the Weasleys and attempts to goad them into foolhardy action. Terry offers his support to the twins. Pansy checks on Ron. Hydra wants to know what her mother told the Weasleys. Barty Crouch confirms that Dolohov will take on a new project. Rachel requests that Hydra come to see her. Fred brings the extended Weasley family into the loop. Molly thanks the Order for their concerns. Rachel turns to Sirius for sympathy. Dolohov provides his assessment, timeline, and instructions for how to help him proceed. Seamus seeks information from Jason. Charlie requests busy work. Sirius extends Charlie's coping method to the whole Weasley clan.

9 July
Ron pledges to Ginny that help will come if she holds on. Molly sends Ginny her love. Sally-Anne looks for an update from Ron. Justin marks his quarry and alerts Ron. Ron informs Rachel that they've captured one of Justin's targets. Bill organizes his thoughts on how to handle the situation. Barty launches an attack. Remus receives news of the call for help.

10 July
Frank describes the destruction and the beginnings of a cleanup effort. Justin leaves word for Crouch and Dolohov so they will recover their operative's body. Barty conscripts a funeral home to retrieve the corpse. Rachel pumps Jason for information. Sally-Anne contemplates whether Draco can coopt the Buckingham house elves. Terry discovers George venting his frustration. Barty assesses the Death Eaters' chances of long-term success. Pansy discusses George's reaction with Sally-Anne. Alice ponders the best ways to bring about Albion's undisputed victory.
* * *
* * *