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This is a discussion group for readers of hpalternity. If you're looking to read the RPG, one good way to do it is to bookmark and read alt_player's friends list (which includes both all the Alternity RP journals, the community, and alt_fen posts) or alt_player's "not alt_fen" public friendsgroup (which includes all the Alternity RP journals and the community but not alt_fen).

At the beginning of Year 2, HP Alternity moved to Dreamwidth. We still cross-post most posts to LJ, but to make sure that you catch all of HP Alternity, be sure to follow the HP Alternity Friends on Dreamwidth.

Recaps of the action in hpalternity will be posted here by alt_moderator every Sunday night or Monday morning - in the format of links to the various threads which have been posted that week.

We use tags to organize this community. The recaps provide a good example: all recaps are tagged "recaps." You can see all the tags we're currently using on the tag page. Before you use a new tag, make sure there isn't one that your entry already fits, for everyone's sanity. :)

Between recap threads, feel free to use this space to discuss the goings-on on any of the Alternity journals - start your own threads, etc. This is a space for anyone who wants to talk about Alternity!